The healing art of art

I have known for a while that painting gives me peace of mind
and the key to being happy and healthy is not worrying too much.

I’ve even volunteered at an art therapy workshop before.

For the members, expressing themselves through art – and giving their minds a chance to be clear and focused for a while – all contributes to their healing.

I’m just the same.

A while ago I set myself a challenge of doing ten paintings throughout 2012.

So far I have done three. I mean, I have also got myself a degree,
but it took a lot out of me.

Painting is the one thing I don’t worry about, simply because it has never let me down,  and never ceased to make me feel good about myself.

First hurdle: 7 more paintings in 4 months. Sounds doable?

With the biggest hurdle, I’ve found that often the trick is trying not to try too hard.


Painting helps me with that. 

Challenge accepted.

2 thoughts on “The healing art of art

  1. These days I have pretty severe health problems and Art is stll the one thing I can manage (albeit infrequently sometimes) – but the sheer mental acuity of actually creating does keep me in the land of the living. I like your blog and thanks for your visit – appreciated.

    • Hello, I find that painting makes me stop mourning the past because I feel like myself again when I paint and the feeling extends through to other parts of my life too.
      Thanks for commenting, wish you luck with your health and look forward to reading more of your blog and seeing more of your art.

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