Fayres, newsletters and honest opinions

Hello ART by IMI followers 🙂

Some exciting things have been happening over the past week since beginning my Month of Paint. I would really appreciate some honest feedback from you all to progress my excitement further.

Month of Paint update

So far during my month of paint, I have got this far on a new penguin painting. It is a long way from ready but I am really pleased with how it is progressing. IMAG0960_1[1]

I also had to resort to doodling when away from my paints:


I have to admit I have somewhat bent the rules in my month of paint.
I changed them to be “spending at least an hour forwarding my business / creating art”

It may be a slight cop out but I don’t care because at last I feel like I am getting somewhere with this venture.

Rowledge Village Fayre

I have booked to have a stall at the Rowledge Village Fayre on the 27th May. This makes me giddy with excitement at the thought of all those people I will get to meet and show off my skills. I am going to see it as an investment, as the amount of money and time I have to put out in preparation will probably far exceed anything I get back this time.

Creating prints

I am getting high quality giclée prints made of three of my paintings, which will be for sale at the fayre and later on my Etsy shop. I need your help choosing which of my paintings to get made into prints. Please will you head over to my gallery and leave me a comment with your thoughts?

I am also getting greeting cards made in a larger number of designs. Again I would really appreciate your help choosing the designs!
woodpecker ARTbyIMIkingfisher ARTbyIMILittle brother ARTbyIMINelson ARTbyIMIErnie ARTbyIMIgoldenpheasantjan13wmpuffin ARTbyIMI

Art society member 

I have become a member of the Farnham Art Society which is very exciting. I can now go along to their meetings, meet other local artists, and hopefully next year will be be promoted to an Exhibiting member. 

.farnham art soc

ART by IMI newsletter

I have just created a monthly newsletter which will have information about my art, local artist events, promotions I am offering and creative input from elsewhere. You can get on the mailing list by clicking the button below!


I am only two likes away from getting 100 followers on Facebook. This is not a big number but it is a small milestone. If you could boost that to 100, you will make me a very happy lady.

And there we are. Lots of exciting news, and lots and lots to prepare. I would love to hear your feedback 🙂

Love, Imi

7 thoughts on “Fayres, newsletters and honest opinions

  1. Sounds like you are taking many good steps forward on your art career! You asked for opinions about making cards — I think you should make a few cards of all your works, and then you can test the sales to see which are most popular and make more of those. Also, you have several in the dogs and birds category, which you could sell individually, but could also package as sets of 4 or sets of 6 etc., [with a price break over your ind. prices, for the purchase of several] Good luck on your new venture!

    • Thank you for your excellent feedback – good idea about doing a few of all of them 🙂 Lovely to know you are still reading, you really inspired me back when I interviewed you!

  2. I vooote for the orange kingfisher, the woodpecker and the non-close-up puffin as they are my faves 😀 oh and the owl too, and the other kingfisher. Heck I love em all!

  3. I love this, you are taking action! I like all the designs, why not use all of them? I totally agree with Kathy above, it is a good idea to sell a package of cards. Think about selling prints as well, my friend does that, good quality prints that can be framed. I absolutely love what my friend has done with her designs, check her shop out http://www.etsy.com/shop/Meluseena. I cant wait to read and see more of this.
    PS. I love penguins! (And owls. And dogs. hahaha)

    • I have decided to do about 8 designs on cards and 3 designs of print. Its all very exciting :). I love penguins tooo they are so cute 🙂 I think this one will be a playful little thing

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