The 30 second sales patter

Sales pitch: My pilot newsletter is written and waiting for more subscribers before it gets sent out into the big bad world. Hopefully it will make the big bad world a prettier more creative world. You wont know unless you subscribe.

In the not too distant future, I will be selecting one of my subscribers at random to win a painting. At the moment, there is a very large chance it will be won by my mother.  You have been duly warned!

Anyway, onto today’s subject. The 30 second sales patter.

It has come to my attention from my recent dog-walks-without-dog-but-with-boyfriend-instead that I needed a sales patter when presenting my flyers to a mixture of interested and uninterested dog walkers.

With the first few flyers, the patter was as follows:

“Hello, I’m a local animal artist…
so I like paint pictures of pets
and dogs and stuff.
Is that something you’d be interested in?”


I got a few outright “no”s.
I wasn’t pulling that face. I like to think I was smiling sweetly.
And I wasn’t even on skype… I was right there.

That sales pitch was not the strongest. I  repeated myself three times to these poor dog walkers. Four if you count the “stuff” “I paint animals… pets… dogs…stuff!”

I then confronted them into making an immediate decision “is that something you’d be interested in?”  

“Ahhh no thankyouuuu” they were probably thinking, “I just wanna scoop some poop and get outta here.”


Between dog walkers, I practised my talk with my apparently business savvy pitching partner. He picked out  my mistakes and didn’t get too bored with hearing the same thing over and over. Maybe because I promised to contribute a whole £1 towards a slice of cake in the tea shop. Generosity.

“Hello I am a local animal artist.
I specialise in painting dogs and birds.
Is that something you’d be interested in?”


Dammit it had come out again! An involuntary confrontational language tick!
Boyfriend / Mr Sales “You shouldn’t limit what you specialise in. You can paint all animals!”
Animal artist extraordinaire: “I didn’t mean to… heyy – thanks!” 


With the last one I had sort of perfected it.

“Hello! I am a local artist.
I specialise in painting pets and wildlife.
You can see my entire portfolio at this link here!”

*shows link*


That there is my “look, I painted this bird” face.
But I don’t just specialise in painting birds. I also paint dogs.



Any ideas on how to improve my sales patter?
Looks like I need further business savvy.

5 thoughts on “The 30 second sales patter

  1. I’m all too familiar with the “elevator speech”, unfortunately. When I have attended a book conference in looking for an agent to represent my novel, I have to try to tell them what my novel is about in 30 seconds or less. All while being incredibly nervous with a crazy look on my face. It can be hard! Keep up the good work!

      • The only way I have a chance at remaining calm and collected during my little sales pitch is to memorize it. Then I try to practice with my friends. Sometimes I still get nervous in a real situation and flub it all up!

  2. You have some excellent work on here 🙂
    I’ve never had the time for a concerted effort on getting commissions (at least that’s what I keep telling myself…), but it’s something that’s always been at the back of my mind. Have you considered trying / tried to get some businesses to display your art work? Maybe vets or some dog grooming salons for example. If you have a portfolio and some business cards with your information on you may be able to persuade them to display a piece of your work with a business card next to it. You could consider doing a piece specially and donating it to them in return for a space on their waiting room wall. Anyway, just a few thoughts, best of luck with it!

    • Hi Matt, thanks so much for the feedback. That is a great idea about donating a painting for display! Commissions are so difficult to get even when you do make a concerted effort! Will definitely try to follow your idea 🙂

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