Make your painting SHINE!

…by investing in some Acrylic Ink!

I am a true convert to this lovely liquid and am struggling to understand how I achieved so much detail in my paintings without it.

The benefits are:

  • They are much thinner than acrylic paint, but with the same depth of colour. This means they can be used to create thinner lines – like hairs and feathers!
  • They can be controlled far more than acrylic paint.
  • They are completely waterproof when dry – so all the benefits of acrylic paint come out here.
  • They give a slight sheen when dry, giving the canvas a different dimension. They are especially effective on beady eyes.
  • They are good value!
  • You can control easily how much you drop on your palette – less wastage than regular acrylic paints.

All you need is a teeny paintbrush, and a mutlipack of inks!

The Pheasants


Ink can be used to create minute detail such as feathers on birds’ faces.


Shake your tail feathers  – blend lots of colours to create depth and volume of metallic feathers.


You can create detailed ranges of feathers with lots of different colours.

DSC_2097 (2)

You can get inks in metallic colours to really get a shine on.


Not just the boys have beautiful depths of colour – create delicate girly feathers too!

Pheasants ARTbyIMI

Ta Da – This will very soon be up in the Cherry Tree Pub in Rowledge.

Apologies for my lengthy absence – the day job has got BUSY and my Christmas commissions have to remain secret for now!

4 thoughts on “Make your painting SHINE!

  1. I just love your new pheasants header. Very attractive and pleasing colors.
    Thanks for the tip about acrylic inks. I’ve not used them before. Do the come in the same range of colors as paints?

    • An artist at a wildlife art exhibition introduced me to them, said it was the secret of a lot of artists’ paintings! It’s so good at capturing hair and feathers. They seem to come in a big range yes, including pearlescent ones that I really want but can’t quite justify! You can also mix them just like regular paint.
      You can buy empty pens to put them in too, to get even more control of movement.
      Definitely give them a try! A painting of Reggie would never look better!

  2. Hi Imi, you are a very talented artist and explain your techniques with such detail and passion. I wish I had some artistic talent but alas….At least I can look at your beautiful work (wildlife being a passion of mine).
    Wishing you every success, James 🙂

    • That’s very kind of you James! I’m glad you get enjoyment from my artwork! I too like hearing about your adventures in and around Lancaster. Takes me back to university, and its amazing to think what was just under my feet!

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