My name is Imi Woods. I am a British Animal Artist based in Surrey.

imi cornwall

I discovered that I could paint animals back in 2009. Since then, I have been teaching myself and challenging myself to continually improve, which has resulted in my colourful, vibrant wildlife paintings and pet portraits.

By day, I work  at a large contractors, writing bids to win more work. By night (and weekend), I will be found cross-legged on the lounge floor, latest painting on lap, paint covering my hands and clothes… and often my face! As you can imagine, I am a treat to live with(!)

In the last couple of years, painting turned from just a hobby into my passion and my lifestyle. It completely calms me, and has brought me so much pride, determination and happiness. Now my real aim is to make other people happy through my art too! Nothing makes me giddier than a thoughtful testimonial from a happy customer.


7 thoughts on “About.

  1. Well your work is Amazing! I too have just started this year after years of doing other things
    (Jobs) etc….now I just want to paint….your tutorials are wonderful….really needed the advice on grass…now I’m trying to learn as much as I can, as fast as I can…to make up for lost time.So much to LEARN,?!?! Thanks again

    • I know the feeling, I work full time then come home and paint, and lock myself inside at weekends to get things finished! There is never enough time. Please show me your painting when you are done :-). If you are looking for another background for another painting, soft focus sky and foliage can look great, have a look at my meercat and kookaburra guides.

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