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Artists and Illustrators:Portfolio and Artists Statement
Email: artbyimi(at)gmail(dot)com

Businesses I work with

Greeting cards: Dstudio
Prints: Otters Pool Studio

Local Businesses

Pet walking, sitting and boarding: Armadillo pets 


2 thoughts on “Links.

  1. All your pictures that I have seen up to now, ( have only just found your site a couple of days ago!) have been brilliant. The Red Arrows brought back memories for me. I lived in Blackpool, Lancs. When the air show was on ,the Red arrows would come over my garden so low I waved to the pilots!! I never ever thought of painting a picture of them. Actually, I have now! Not going to bother, can’t even do a straight line most of the time ! lol! Leave it to the experts, like you. Hope you carry on forever
    and I admire you for doing your voluntery work.( sorry if it’s spelt wrong!)
    Regards maggie.

    • That’s so kind thank you. I went to uni up in Lancaster but never saw the red arrows venture up there! Thanks for all your lovely comments Maggie, I hope I will be able to continue painting forever (more and more!)


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