So stuck in my complex niche that simplicity is now… difficult.

Hello three readers! Or are there four of you? Speak up! Dont be shy!

I can only apologise for my lengthy absence.

My excuse? Not that I have been slacking, that’s for sure!
I have plenty to share with you all… I just cant share it… yet.

I will give you a hint though.
I have been a busy busy bee and…
done two new (super super!) paintings, and created two new lovely “how to” guides!

That’s a pretty hefty hint!

The snag is that I cannot share them, due to the (unlikely) event that one of my avid readers (!) might well be receiving them for Christmas (no, its not you mum!)

So instead, I will leave you with this.

Why is it that a detailed background…
Detailed (Adjective): developed or executed with care and in minute detail.

Is easier and faster for me to paint than a plain background?
Plain (Adjective): Not decorated or elaborate; simple or ordinary in character.

Let me elaborate.

Painting an entire:

cat background

The whole background was complicated leaves

is quicker than painting an entire:

rosie background

The most detail was my signature in the corner

I am so reliant on copying photographs that I freak out when I have to do the simplest bit of improvisation.

I happily painted a garden background, but painting a single colour threw me.
It made me sulk. It stressed me out.

I put down my paintbrush in a huff. I left it until the next day.

I never do that!

Are you so practised at doing something complicated that you can now do it with ease?
Are there easy things that you make a dogs dinner of? 

I love a good discussion, so get in touch, leave a comment and let me know!