Why I love painting more than I love writing.

I love painting more than writing because when I show it off to the world,
they can instantly see that it is good.
You can’t instantly tell if a book is good by looking at a manuscript.
No, its the pretty art on the cover that tempts you in.

I love painting more than writing because I do not get performance anxiety.
Committing words to paper is somehow harder, more stressful.
I don’t know a technique in which to do it properly, without coming across like I am trying too hard.
I have never worried about painting.
It is something I have.
Each time my paintings get better as my skills and accuracy improve.

I love painting more than writing because you can visibly build up layers.
You never delete anything, you are always adding to a painting.
Yes you can paint over parts, but they are always still there, telling the story of their own creation.
With writing, constant drafts and redrafts end up baring little similarity to the original.
Once it is deleted, that’s it.
No-one will ever know the route it took to reach the finished piece.

I love painting more than writing because it is not difficult to start,
and is is difficult to get distracted from.
My mind constantly fidgets when I write, which was tricky during my degree.
I check my phone, I fiddle with my locket and my earrings.
Art I can get truly engrossed in.
I can start one day and stay up late because I do not want to stop.

I love painting more than writing because you can tell what is wrong by stepping back from it.
I need other people to proof-read my writing.
I cant do it myself. I cant look at writing for too long.
And no matter how many times writing is checked,
there will always be something not quite right.

Painting, only you can tell what isn’t right. what isn’t quite there.
Nobody else can tell you it isn’t perfect. Its your baby.
No-one swoops in and touches up the painting once you are done with it.
Authors have editors. Artists don’t.

I love painting more than writing because I strive for perfection.
I never think “oh that will do.”
If it doesn’t look right to me, I will change it.
I put in that effort so that I am really genuinely pleased with it.
Writing is much more tempting to give up on when it is good enough.
I accept my best when I paint. Nothing less.

I love painting more than writing because it brings joy to others.
It isn’t as selfish as my writing can be. Not as self indulgent.
I paint what people want me to paint. I paint beautiful things.
I think “would I want this on my wall?”
I care what other people think about it. 

I love painting more than writing because it doesn’t need an explanation.
Sometimes my paintings tell my story. Not on purpose, they just have a scatter of emotions behind them.
Sometimes they don’t. And that’s fine. 
Paintings don’t need an agenda. They can exist context free.
They dont have to mean anything.

I love painting more than writing because instead of requiring me to think more,
I can think less.
I don’t need to “discuss” or “examine”.
I don’t need to craft together a carefully thought out argument.
I just let my hands do the talking while my brain quietens down.
I don’t get brain ache, I get brain break!


Hey, Imogen.
You just spent 2 hours writing this that you could have spent painting.