Rules are different when its snowing… right?

Some people find pleasure from sharing negativity, but I am not one of them.

I have seen several little instances around me of just that this week.

The first involved me. A guard fined me on the train for travelling without a railfare.

Satisfactory in itself, but I had sought him out specifically to pay, I wasn’t attempting to rob national rail, and it had been perfectly acceptable, sometimes even encouraged on all journeys prior. And it was snowing. Everyone knows that all rules are relaxed when it is snowing… right?!

Woods in snow

“Why don’t you have a valid ticket?”
“I guess I didn’t give enough time to walk to the station this morning in the snow… And I didn’t fancy waiting half an hour in the cold either when I could get on a nice warm train… nor did I fancy being late for my meeting at work…”

Apparently these weren’t good excuses, although I think they are pretty up there, only just below “My waters broke and I needed to get the train to hospital” or “insert another emergency situation here.”

I think he got a lot of pleasure from exerting this power, but not as much as I did muttering “jobsworth” under my breath and imagining him going home to his unsatisfying life still living at home with his mother and their pet gerbil, and putting on his Simpsons boxset.

The second instance was a man (also on the train) telling a lady off for making short (and in my opinion, quiet) phone conversation in the “quiet zone”, before he proceeded to natter more loudly to his wife.

“It says ‘no phones’, not no voices. We don’t make the rules.”

Don’t most people only sit in the quiet zone to try to avoid the shrieking child that runs around the carriage for the entire hour of journey? (My treat last week.)

It leads me to wonder, what is the point? You don’t make yourself any happier for doing that, and you don’t make others around you happier either. The accusee in question proceeded to point out a rather loud text coming through on the accuser’s phone five minutes, and rightly so – it disrupted me far more than her 2 minute phone call (although I couldn’t really care less about either, I was only there to avoid the crying children (sorry to any mothers reading.)

I have to admit, I do get wrapped up in what other people say and do around me, and let it affect me far more than I ought to. I used to stew over stuff like that for days, not letting things go that only deserve fleeting attention at most. But I am getting better at “not sweating the small stuff”. You can read my article on the Ramblings today which tells of my journey so far of letting go of worries and focusing on happiness instead!

When I need to give my brain a rest, I paint. My boyfriend actually joined me in playing with paint yesterday, which I really appreciated. We holed up in front of the television and watched the Prison Break box set (manly) and painted together. I succeeded in completing my painting of a golden pheasant for the British Wildlife Painting Competition , the most bizarre-looking animal. How is it adaptively advantageous to have orange feathers with purple tips, a yellow Mohawk and a pink body?


I also drew some dog outlines for my boyfriend’s mum’s class at school (She’s a teacher before you wonder!) I found it pretty challenging actually, just drawing free hand. Back to basics for me!


How is everybody this week? Hopefully sharing good moods and not ruining other people’s just for the sake of it!